Submission Guidelines

Please read these guidelines completely before you submit a book for review.

*  I am an avid reader and love all genres, but I will not review anything pornographic.  I am open to ebooks and highly encourage independently published books (I am a self-published author myself).

*  All items sent for review will become my personal property and will not be returned. 

*  With a rating of 3 or higher, I will automatically post the review to my GoodReads account and on Amazon. 

*  I do not guarantee a positive review, but I will give the work my sincere attention and promise to be fair.  I pride myself on finding value in all books, even those I don't particularly like.

*  I have great respect for authors and the heart and soul that goes into their work. However, I believe in editing. If I accept your book for review and it's obvious to me that it hasn't at least been through a proofreader, I will not continue reading or leave a review. 

Full Disclosure: I am an editor for Indie Books Gone Wild.

*  If requested, within the review I will link to your author website, blog, or other social media contact page.