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The Curse Giver by Dora Machado (4.5 stars)

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Lusielle's bleak but orderly life as a remedy mixer is shattered when her husband betrays her and she is sentenced to die for a crime she didn't commit. She's on the pyre, about to be burned, when a stranger breaks through the crowd and rescues her from the flames. Brennus, Lord of Laonia is the last of his line. He is caught in the grip of a mysterious curse that has murdered his kin, doomed his people and embittered his life. To defeat the curse, he must hunt a birthmark and kill the woman who bears it in the foulest of ways. Lusielle bears such a mark. Stalked by intrigue and confounded by the forbidden passion flaring between them, predator and prey must come together to defeat not only the vile curse, but also the curse giver who has already conjured their ends.

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Lusielle is sentenced to die unjustly. Yet, when she is saved by a mystery man, her troubles are only just beginning. Lord Brennus is fighting for his people and living under the dire predictions of an evil curse. One that suggests he destroy those with the mark. A mark Lusielle has.

But as he tries to discover answers, his affection for Lusielle grows. A strong woman, Lusielle is beyond what Bren ever expected. Their journey leads to a change in fate--Lusielle will fight to save Bren from his curse. But first she has to uncover the secrets of her past. Can they beat the odds and break the curse?

An epic fantasy, thrilling from page one. It's an edge-of-your-seat ride to an unknown conclusion. Both Bren and Lusielle are strong characters that keep the reader engaged, because both refuse to simply bow down and give in. Every time I thought I had figured out what would happen, the story veered off in an exciting new direction.

My only complaint is that the details unraveled so slowly. I wanted, no needed, to know and understand the curse and the role both Bren and Lusielle played. Although there was a gratifying payoff, I had a few moments of frustration trying to get there. Still, I never felt bored or disinterested, just impatient (the book is 510 pages). And huge props to the author for her vivid imagination, and her ability to convey that through her words. I'd love to see this book brought to life on the big screen.

And a note: all too often the epilogue wraps things up in a cheesy way, but this one left me wanting more and completely intrigued. Another book, perhaps?

I highly recommend The Curse Giver to readers who love fantasy, adventure, and captivating characters. Oh, and there's romance to boot.

Rating: 4.5 stars


Dora Machado is the award winning author of the Stonewiser series and her newest novel, The Curse Giver, coming this summer from Twilight Times Books. She is one of the few Latinas exploring her heritage and her world through the epic fantasy genre today. She holds a master's degree in business administration and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Georgetown University. She was born in Michigan and grew up in the Dominican Republic, where she developed a bilingual fascination for writing, a love for history, and a taste for Merengue. After a lifetime of straddling such compelling but different worlds, fantasy is a natural fit to her stories. She enjoys long walks, traveling, and connecting with the amazing readers who share in her mind's adventures. She lives in Florida with her indulging husband and three very opinionated cats.

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Hi Tia, thank you so much for your kind review of The Curse Giver. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book! Have a wonderful day. D.

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Really enjoyed it!