Saturday, February 20, 2010

Family Dinners

In an effort to have "family" dinners void of television or fighting, I took a dear friend's idea and bought "Chat Pack". It's a set of cards with thought-provoking questions (thought-provoking for kids, mind you) for each family member to answer. It has transformed our family dinners. The kids can't wait to all sit around the table and decide who leads the discussion. It has also helped their writings, serving as writing prompts that get more and more detailed as each person adds their spin.

Just two nights ago the question was "If you could open your eyes and either jump forward in time or backward, how old would you be and why?" My mom, dad, sister (baby sister - ha ha I said it again... you will be 50 someday and God-willing if I'm still breathing you will be called BABY sister, but it comes from a place of love. Ok, maybe a small place of annoyance), her baby Samantha and my family were in attendance. When we get to Reagan (8), she is very clear. She wanted to skip ahead to being a mom so she didn't have to push a baby out. I thought that was funny, since I said I'd skip back to having my first two (20 months apart) when they were babies because I felt I didn't appreciate it then. It was just too crazy, constant chaos. I told Dana (that baby sister!!) to treasure every single moment of Samantha.

Mom always said when you get older the days go slowly and the years pass quickly. So sad... when you truly treasure life it runs away from you.

This blog will serve as my crazy outlet of stories, but also follow the long-running process of getting my novel out there. We are in our third edit... about to hand it off to friends to read. I have so much trepidation and excitement. Here we go! Stay tuned.