Thursday, July 22, 2010

Depression Cookies - Off and Running

After months of back and forth, Mom and I decided to self-publish our novel and signed on the dotted line. Early in the process (3 years ago), we had a small publishing house in NC willing to publish. Due to their size, however, a large part of the expense would fall on us and their only real marketing avenues were in Eastern North Carolina. Our decision to self-publish was two-fold... get an ISBN number and essentially copyright our material and get this damned process moving. Our intention is to still market the book to smaller publishing houses, but as a completed piece, not an "idea" as we had before.

The manuscript is done and ready to go, but then came the list of items we needed to get to them: Author biography, Book Summary, Cover Art, photo of each of us, etc. Thank goodness I'm heading home next week so Mom and I can sit down and hash out the summary, cover and other items in the same room together versus over the phone.

I thought I'd at least start with the Author biography, so here's what I'm thinking...

Tia Silverthorne Bach spends her days in such chaos that it took ten years to write this novel. The only coherent sentences she's had in those ten years, during which she had three kids (all girls) and four moves, are contained here within. Her next novel will be a fictionalized account of raising her girls while still moving, something she swore she'd never do it once she left her father's house.
And I'm thinking of dedicating the book to all the women in my life, especially my 10 year old daughter Jackie. She gave Krista newfound life, because just in case I had forgotten the ups and downs of the pre-teens and teen years, she constantly reminded me. ;-)

But these are just initial thoughts.


Dana & Keith Newbrough said...

Love the bio - I think it is perfect! And yeah on the publishing - you go girl! So proud of you and Mama. :)

BethR1997 said...

Tia, love the bio... and congrats on going the self-publishing route. With all the social networking out there, there are tons of avenues to readers.