Sunday, August 29, 2010

Depression Cookies making it's way to you soon!

I can't believe how fast the production of our book is going. We now have a mock-up of our front and back cover as well as the galley for our book. It's funny how important things like font and size have become in my life!

When the production team originally called and asked me to choose my chapter heading font style and size, regular text font style and size, order of contents of the book, a picture for the front cover (seen within this post - and yes, that is a beach picture of me and my sisters from back in the day), etc, I mostly told them I wanted to see what the "designers" suggested first.
Funny, though . . . once I had the designer suggestions in my hand, I had ALL kinds of opinions. To complicate the process, Mom and I have to agree on ideas. It's funny how offensive I found the size of the Chapter headings and silly blank pages put in at random. And I can't even put my finger on what's missing in our front cover art. So much to digest.
I am learning so much, but I also truly believe each written piece is its own adventure. Off to consider more font choices. Don't be jealous of all the excitement I get to enjoy!


Beth said...

That is a great picture!