Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Introducing Junior Reviewer Jackie Bach

My daughter, Jackie, is a 5th grader who LOVES to read (can't imagine where she got it!). So I asked her to start reviewing the books she reads.

Jackie just finished Mustang Moon by Terri Farley (Book 2 in the Phantom Stallion series). Her review:

Samantha Forster lives on a ranch in Nevada. She just discovered the legendary Phantom stallion used to be her horse, Blackie, and is now all grown up and wild. Now that she has found him again and forged a friendship, she will do anything to protect his freedom. Sam finds out that tame mares are being freed by a stallion so he can have a herd of his own. A local rancher offers big money for the person who captures the stallion. Sam soon realizes she is not only fighting for Phantom's freedom, but for his life, too.

This book is very exciting and full of surprises. I love how it shows the trust between Sam and Phantom. I think the book's message is: never give up on what you believe is right. Sam never gives up, and neither does Phantom.

**** (4 out of 5 stars)