Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wilderness Heart, Jacqueline Hopkins (2 stars)

I pride myself on not judging a book by its cover, so I dove into the book with no expectations, good or bad. (Note about the cover: my nine-year-old asked why I was reading a book about Ken and Barbie with brunette hair.)

I can even put aside poor writing and editing mistakes for the sake of good story, but this one was an uphill battle. I wanted to care more for Lyn, a female hunting guide facing constant male judgement, but the writing was long-winded and the editing mistakes glaring. I implore writers to make sure they pay an editor with good references to look at their work prior to publication. Never hand your reader a reason not care on a silver platter.

There was potential for the main character, and I had a soft spot for her father, but overall I was disappointed. The sensual scenes were cheesy and lackluster and the conflict was downright flimsy and overplayed. Lyn smokes and cusses, oh my!

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CathyS said...

I've searched high and low on Rebecca's Reads for the full review of this but it is nowhere to be found. I've looked under title/genre/author and via the search box. Do you have a direct link? (Not just to RR generally?)

Tia Bach said...

Cathy, Sorry. I looked for it, too. Sometimes there's a lag (I've found a larger lag with lower stars, so my assumption is the author can decide whether a review is posted or not).

You raise a good point, though. In the future, I will wait to post here until I can do a direct link and save my readers some trouble. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by, and sorry for your inconvenience.

I stopped by and saw your site. Loved it!