Friday, February 24, 2012

Marrying Cade, Sally Clements (4 stars)

From Amazon: Capable financial advisor Melo Bellucci always knew when it came to organizing her sister’s wedding she’d be in charge. After all, her sister Rosa is notoriously scatterbrained. But there’s a silver lining in the form of the Best Man, Melo’s childhood crush, Cade West.

When Cade returns to the Tuscan island, Isola dei Fiori, he’s prepared to mix business with pleasure, especially when he meets Melo again. The confident, sexy woman is a world away from the lanky tomboy he remembers, and attraction burns between them instantly.

But when he discovers that the perfect site for his hotel, idyllic Paradise Beach, belongs to Melo rather than her father, can their relationship survive, when there are two plans for Paradise?
Sweet and satisfying, Marrying Cade is an enjoyable romance between childhood friends. Often, romance novels pair two characters who bump into each other and immediately fall in love. Not true for Cade and Melo. They grew up together and know each other intimately.

Brought back together by Melo’s sister’s wedding, Cade is drawn to “the siren Melo had become.” He doesn’t realize she’s been carrying a torch for him for years. The heat between them escalates only to be sidelined by wedding activities and business deals. Unfortunately, Melo is dealing with an ailing father who has made poor business decisions. Little does she know that Cade’s involved as well.

The story moves at an easy pace, gradually building Melo and Cade into a believable couple with rooting value. Melo is no damsel in distress, ultimately working out her family’s business issues without Cade having to swoop in to save her. He’s willing to, but she stands on her own. It made me appreciate the characters individually, which only added to their dynamic as a couple.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romantic heat mixed with a believable relationship. Cade manages to be both the White Knight and a man who respects a confident, strong woman like Melo. It’s sexy, and what’s a romance novel without a good amount of sexy?

Rating: 4 solid stars

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Note: I received a complimentary copy as a World Literary Cafe reviewer. A positive review was not guaranteed or asked for; my opinions are my own.