Monday, March 26, 2012

A Book That Found Me: Musing Mondays

Another Musing Mondays prompt from Should be Reading:

Have you ever found a book out of the blue, read it, and then had it be surprisingly good -- one that stuck with you for years? If so, what book was it?

Yes. Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder. It was one of those books I picked up while browsing a bookstore. Nothing about "the history of philosophy" would normally grab my attention, but I was drowning in enjoying three kids ages 7, 5 and 2.

Sadly, thanks to Mommy brain, I don't remember many of the details. I do, however, remember being swept away and loving the character of Sophie. But even more telling, it left me with an aching desire to learn more about philosophy.

I hope to re-read the book one of these days and enjoy it all over again. Maybe one of these days I'll also quench that desire to find out more about philosophy.

The Amazon book summary: One day Sophie comes home from school to find two questions in her mail: "Who are you?" and "Where does the world come from?" Before she knows it she is enrolled in a correspondence course with a mysterious philosopher. Thus begins Jostein Gaarder's unique novel, which is not only a mystery, but also a complete and entertaining history of philosophy.
Did you ever stumble upon a book that made a huge impression?


Leah Marie said...

I stumbled up that book in college! It was such an interesting read, wasn't it?

My musings:

Kwizgiver said...

Your book is intriguing! I want to add it to my TBR!

Tia Bach said...

Leah, I loved it! I just need to re-read it now to really cement it in my brain.

Kwizgiver, You should. It's a great one.

Elise Fallson said...

There are a couple books that left a big impression on me but they were mostly kids books! Nevertheless, I still think about them today as an adult. (Charlotte's Web and A Christmas Carol)

When you get a chance, stop by my blog, I've got some sunshine for Mom in Love with Fiction. (;

Pocketful of Books said...

Thanks for dropping by my Musing Monday- your book looks really interesting too and something I wouldn't normally choose! I do like philosophy though so I'd probably enjoy it.

I am a new follower now too :-)


Tia Bach said...

Elise, Thanks! I'll be accepting the award soon. I appreciate it, especially for this growing blog.

Pockeful of Books, Thanks for visiting. You'll love this book. Thanks for following.