Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Adam Orser: Chronicles of Evolution, Daniel Armand (3 stars)

Adam Orser: Chronicles of Evolution

Adam Orser seems to be a regular guy, leading a fairly successful life in Toronto as a psychologist with a loving girlfriend, Jazmin.

But there is nothing ordinary about Adam.

Fate interrupts his planned marriage proposal, and a serious car accident thrusts him into a metaphysical reality behind a deep coma that holds his physical body in check. Through an advanced system of training and evolution created by the celestial realm, Adam is called to a dangerous mission with profound implications for the world he knows, and life and death consequences for one missing nine-year old girl, who is no ordinary kidnapped child. Fantastical forces are at work on both sides of the veil between the world we recognize and those yet to be discovered.

Destiny compels Adam to freely choose the part he will play in a no-limits competition between good and evil. Questions of existence, causality, and truth converge as Adam struggles to find his way back to Jazmin and a life that will never be the same.

Destiny, fate, religion, faith, spirituality, good, evil... deep topics that leave us with burning questions regarding our existence and purpose.

Adam Orser is a successful professional and a man in love. He's just about to ask his girlfriend, Jazmin, to marry him when tragedy strikes. He ends up in a coma battling for his life, but in more ways than you might imagine.

Torn between a newfound duty in another realm and getting back to his life and love, Adam struggles with discovery and discerning multiple realities. Plus, he's also trying to save a missing young girl, Judy Anne, from a horrible fate. The reader is taken on a journey of self-discovery and a race against time.

While I admire the author for tackling tough subjects, the book had many distracting editing problems that kept it from being a great read for me.

I recommend this book to readers who enjoy a thought-provoking story with interesting characters and don't mind looking past some editing glitches. For extra inspiration, read the author's bio below.

Rating: 3 stars
Daniel Armand Bio:

Daniel Armand lives in Toronto, Ontario. His inspiration behind Adam Orser: Chronicles of Evolution originated during the summer of 1983, after a near death encounter offered an incredible insight into the obscured aspects of life, love, and the progression of the human spirit.

Daniel is currently working on the next novel of the Adam Orser saga. "I truly hope this novel will help inspire readers all over the globe, to embrace their spirituality. It is through clarity of mind and understanding that we may one day 'bloom' into harmony and unlock our limitless potential."
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