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The Aspen 2-Million Winner-Take-All, John Morris (3 stars)

The Aspen 2-Million Winner-Take-All Summary

Morgan thought he had it made. He owned a cozy if dilapidated house in Aspen’s otherwise-fashionable West End, had lots of friends, a great business, threw the best parties in town.

Then his beautiful-but-aloof neighbor Risa sued him for a million bucks-- for killing her dog. (Seriously. And he hadn’t even been there.) She was asking the judge to throw him out of town, too. (It’s a local tradition.)

For Morgan, the money didn’t matter. He didn’t have a nickel to his name. But he couldn’t imagine not living in Aspen.

His only hope: to win a 2-million dollar golf tournament (held on the sly at the local links) and pay Risa off.

Either that or discover her deep, dark secret and blackmail her.

Until his best friend/lawyer suggested Option #3: “Why don’t you just get her to fall in love with you?”


A bit of guilty entertainment. Morgan is living life his way in Aspen, Colorado. Then Risa moves in. Gorgeous Risa, compared in the book to both Charlize Theron and Brooklyn Decker, turns out to be a handful.

When Risa's dog is killed by Morgan's falling marijuana potted plant, yes this is the kid of zaniness you can expect, Risa goes for the jugular and sues. Morgan stands to lose everything.

Then he hears about a winner-take-all golf tournament with a $2 million prize. This could be the answer to all his problems, right? Wrong. The tournament brings in a zany bunch of characters that only add to Morgan's issues. Everything from a swindler to a crazed mad man.

Much of the plot is a stretch, but Morgan is an endearing character. I must admit that Risa danced on my very last nerve. I wanted Morgan to get his old life back, free of her. The other women in his life (Mandie, Pamela, Debbie) were stronger and more interesting. They also seemed to care more about him. But I digress...

I'm not a golfer, but I can see where golfers would enjoy the tense tournament scenes and the ending is definitely a wild ride. If you are looking for an entertaining summer read, check this one out. Just enjoy the ride and don't sweat the details.

Rating: 3 stars

John Morris' Bio:

John Morris lives in Aspen, Colorado, with his loving wife and two wonderful children. Having worked many of the same cowboy / construction / bartender / ski-patrol jobs as his fictional counterpart Morgan, he can vouch for how easy it is for a good-looking guy to get in trouble there.

For more on the author, visit his Facebook page.

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Tribute Books said...

Tia, thanks for taking the time to read and review John's book.

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You are most welcome, Nicole.

John Morris said...

Tia, Thanks for the review. He your summer brings you more great reading! John Morris

Tia Bach said...

John, Wishing you much success with your book.