Friday, August 10, 2012

Elements: The Beginning, Kate Fuentes (4 stars)

From Amazon: Destiny brought them into this world to save mankind and malevolent forces will stop at nothing in order to annihilate them.

Born with extraordinary powers, fraternal twins Gage and Talon Thorn learn how to control their mystical abilities. Tragedy strikes the family and their ordinary father Gable is forced to raise them on his own. Pain and loss encompass the Thorns as they persevere to live a normal life in a place determined to destroy their happiness.

Soon their incredible gifts need proper nurturing and Gable recruits a special group of people to help in their upbringing. A sassy, tenacious nanny named Leia and an eccentric unorthodox warrior named Maui complete the dream team of mentors to aid in the complexity of their lives.

Evil, wicked forces lurk in the shadows and the boys are in danger if they don't learn how to control their unique talents and harness their elemental powers. Humanity rests in the hands of the young brothers as they embark on an epic adventure to save mankind from the dark emperor.


Twin boys with amazing abilities, a mom with strength and courage who can’t be there for now, and a dedicated father doing the best he can. Elements: The Beginning takes the reader on a journey of prophecy and legend.

Gable knew the love of his life, Jacquelyn, had special powers, but he had no idea just how powerful his twin sons, Gage and Talon, would be. And he certainly couldn’t guess their destiny as the saving grace for mankind. A powerful mentor, Uncle Maui, enters the boys’ lives, and Gable supports their new training.

The boys only begin to come into their powers when an evil force, Maradati, finds them. Realizing the boys’ power, he sets out to kill them before they can destroy him. The book ends on a tantalizing cliffhanger, one bound to make readers grab Book Two right away.

Both boys, although very different, are enchanting. Gage can control water and is a mind reader/manipulator while Talon can shape shift into animals and control fire as well as reading minds. I was rooting for both boys, although I’m probably Team Gage (see below) if I had to pick. I think readers from 10(ish) up will enjoy the brothers’ story. It’s a quick, fun read and definitely one that will leave you wanting to know more about Gage and Talon.

If you enjoy fantasy elements and interesting characters, you’ll enjoy this fast-paced ride. Just be prepared for an abrupt ending.

Rating: 4 stars

For more on the author, please visit the author’s website. And check out Elements: Veil of Darkness, book two in the series.

For fun, I’m sharing this from her website so you can start deciding which team to be on…

Team Gage -
Gage can control the power of water, he can manipulate your thoughts and read your mind, telekinetic and extremely intelligent.

Personality Traits: passive , methodical, sensitive.

Team Talon-
Talon can control the power of fire, he has the ability to shape shift into any living creature, telekinetic and extremely intelligent.

Personality Traits: volatile, high energy, determined.

Note: I received a complimentary copy to review from World Literary Café. A positive review was not guaranteed or requested; the views expressed are my own.