Monday, September 10, 2012

Writing in Books: Musing Mondays

A Musing Mondays prompt from Should be Reading:

This week’s musing — courtesy of – asks… Do you take notes while you read?

Yes. Always.

I used to take notes in a separate notebook, but then my house was overrun by books AND notebooks. So, now I write my notes in the book. At first, I had a really hard time writing in a book. It just seemed wrong.

But now, I get to go back to a book and let my notes spark my memory. Since I read so many books, I often forget the details. Now I don't.

Plus, I write reviews for every book I read. Without my notes, I wouldn't be able to give specific examples or quotes. I always think a quote within a review really helps give the reader insight into the author and the story.

The only problem... it's hard to share my books with friends. :-)

Do you take notes when you read?


caite said...

you write in BOOKS! Oh heavens, I need to calll the book police ASAP! :-)

Kriss Morton said...

I do not read real books anymore due to my eyesight. I only wrote in my academic books but never the other books. I love LOVE having the kindle .. but I have tons of notebooks for various reasons, obsessive behavior for sure!

whatsontheshelf said...

I just can't bring myself to write in my books! Here's mine!

Tia Bach said...

I know. I know. I usually don't write in pen, just pencil. And only comments. But I so loved all of this MM's ideas about notebooks. I'm going to start a "comment notebook" for when I'm reading.