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The Banker Spy, William G. Byrnes (4 stars)

The Banker Spy Book Summary

The Banker Spy weaves history into a contemporary thriller about ex-lovers who become entangled in a web of international intrigue. Investment banker Peter Armstrong believes he’s left his past in the States. He has an exciting new job in London and is managing the largest equity offering in European history. Behind him are an incident at his old employer and a broken engagement. He thinks his only problem is his client—an automobile company desperate for cash. Then he receives a phone call from his ex-fiancée, Dayna Caymus, a beautiful and unpredictable CIA agent. When Peter discovers that his client is secretly working for the German government the two ex-lovers enter into an uneasy alliance which their past sometimes helps and sometimes hurts, all the while sorting through their feelings for each other. Dayna puts her mission first, leading Peter into a labyrinth of deception and conspiracy. Peter loses his client, his job, and almost his life as they race to learn Germany’s secrets—secrets that could start a nuclear war.

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From the pulse-pounding opening scene, the action never lets up. Peter Armstrong, an investment banker, needs to rebuild his career and reputation. His last deal went sour, thanks to personal feelings clouding his judgment, and his industry rarely gives second chances.

Unfortunately, the company he's dealing with is involved in more than just selling cars. Soon, his path crosses with Dayna Caymus, a CIA agent who broke his heart years ago. When she asks for his help, he finds himself in the middle of government conspiracies that could easily lead to another World War. Peter quickly realizes that it's not just his career and heart on the line--he'll be lucky to survive.

The storyline gives readers twists and turns and plenty of action and intrigue, but it goes beyond that. There's something for everyone. For history buffs... German history is a detailed and interesting backdrop for the unfolding events. A fan of historical fiction, I found the interwoven German history fascinating.

For those who enjoy a little romance... Not only does Peter struggle with his feelings for Dayna, but he has a growing attraction to his coworker, Erin. I have to admit I found myself rooting for Erin. Dayna and Peter have history, but too much of that history includes Dayna putting her own needs first.

Some action stories build so much tension that character development is shaky at best. But, The Banker Spy has an interesting cast of characters whose feelings and backgrounds become as much a part of the story as the action is.

I highly recommend The Banker Spy to readers who appreciate a book that speaks to them on many levels. It's not a simple, one note action thriller. Instead, it's a compelling mix of action, history, and romance.
Rating: 4 stars
William G. Byrnes's Bio

Bill Byrnes was an investment banker with Alex. Brown & Sons for 17 years. After that he was a Distinguished Teaching Professor of Finance and, subsequently, member of the Board of Regents at Georgetown University. He's founded three companies and has served on the boards of six public companies. He holds degrees from Georgetown University and the University of Michigan. His interests include European and Mesoamerican history, wine collecting, and automobiles. He's happiest around the water and on the tennis court. Bill, his wife, and their two poodles divide their time between Washington, DC and West Palm Beach, FL.

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Tribute Books said...

Tia, glad that William's thriller kept you on the edge of your seat. Thanks for the enthusiastic review of his book.

P.S. Congratulations on reaching 50,000 words with NaNoWriMo. That's fantastic!

Tia Bach said...

I really enjoyed it. Thanks for passing along another great read.

PS Thanks! It was my first time. I'm a bit brain-dead now. ;-)