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The Lawyer's Lawyer, James Sheehan (4 stars)

About The Lawyer's Lawyer
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The Lawyer's Lawyer
Celebrated Miami corporate attorney Jack Tobin was known in courtroom circles as a "lawyer's lawyer," the guy the best lawyers say they'd want to represent them in a fight. Now retired from the high-powered Miami scene to the sleepy fishing town of Bass Creek, Tobin picks his high-profile pro bono cases based on their merit, and his gut. When he's brought in to fight the death row appeal for a serial killer, Tobin blows the prosecution's weak case wide open--wide enough for the convicted killer to go free. This big win turns out to be the biggest regret of Jack's career as he finds himself hunting the killer down before he strikes again.

The lawyer's lawyer then becomes the hunted when an out-of-control police chief who blames Tobin for his own destroyed life trumps up charges and arrests him for murder. Now Jack needs an attorney of his own and he turns to the only man he trusts with his life--legendary Tom Wylie. Together they present a powerful defense, but will it be enough? 

James Sheehan delivers an intricately plotted, fast-paced read with more than enough thrilling plot twists to satisfy the most dedicated Grisham and Connelly fan.

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A suspected serial killer sits on death row, the clock ticking on his life, and his only hope is Jack Tobin. Jack is a man of conviction, and he trusts his gut. But, in the end, he must rectify his mistakes and protect someone he cares about from a killer determined to kill anyone in his path.

This killer affected many lives, but one in particular: Sam Jeffries, the former police chief who lost his wife and daughter to the madman. When Jack's legal prowess results in the killer being set free, Sam is determined to make Jack pay. Soon, Jack finds himself needing his own lawyer--one who can save him from a first degree murder conviction. 

Beginnings and endings are such important elements for a good read. The Lawyer's Lawyer starts with police tracking down a serial killer and ends with intense courtroom scenes. Both are done well, drawing the reader into the lives of some well-developed characters. (Side note: my favorite character was Jack's best friend, Henry. A character who deserves a story of his own.)

Unfortunately, I struggled a bit with the middle. To be fair, I had such a clear idea of what I thought the story would be that it took me a while to go along with the author's story. I wanted more mystery of who-done-it. However, the emotional roller coaster of watching both Sam and Jack face their own failings was worth my momentary disconnect.

Overall, the courtroom scenes, action, and character development won me over. I highly recommend to readers who value fascinating characters and an intriguing storyline.

Rating: 4 stars

About James Sheehan

James Sheehan was born and raised in New York City, the fourth child of Jack Sheehan and Mary (Tobin) Sheehan. There would eventually be six children. He moved to Florida in 1974 to attend law school and became a lawyer in 1977.

He was a trial lawyer for thirty plus years. Prior to that time, he worked at various jobs: paper boy, shoeshine boy, iron worker, stock proofer, grocery boy, dishwasher, short order cook, and restaurant manager.

Presently, he is a law professor at Stetson University College of Law and the Director of the Tampa Law Center.

James currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida near his two sons, his 5 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. James youngest daughter, Sarah, lives in New York City.

Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and his website.

Note: I received a complimentary copy for review purposes from Susan Schwartzman Public Relations. A positive review was not requested or guaranteed; the opinions expressed are my own.