Monday, May 6, 2013

Reflections by Jennifer Bogart (4 stars)

About Reflections
(from the author's blog)

Roxanne sees a frumpy, dumpy, painfully plain, rundown single mother when she looks in the mirror. For the past seven years she has put all her energy into raising her young daughter, Calleigh. 

During this time she has lost sight of who she is and where she is going as an individual. A change of job, an unexpected guest and a fresh look at her teenage daughter give Roxanne new insights into how her life has spiraled into a vortex of nothingness.

She wants to change and she is willing to try just about anything to meet her goals. 

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With humor and raw honesty reminiscent of Bridget Jones Diary, Reflections is about Roxanne--a widow trying to do the best for her daughter, but often losing herself in the process.

It's been years since she lost her husband, but Roxanne is still dealing with the aftermath of hurt feelings, insecurities, and raising her daughter. Trying to gain some control, she starts down the road of fad diets and intense exercise hoping to love herself again. When she sees the effect all of this has on her daughter, Calleigh, Roxanne finally gains strength--but not before she hits rock bottom.

I highly recommend this book for any woman who has ever struggled with self-worth and a positive self image. It's like reading a friend's diary. You'll laugh and cry. But more than that, you'll feel connected with this refreshingly real character. I quickly found myself rooting for Roxanne to find a way to be whole again. 

This book is all about our power as women through our choices and determination. It's an emotional read, both tears and laughter, that will have you asking your own questions and finding your own strength. You won't soon forget Roxanne. Kudos to Jennifer Bogart for breathing life into such an endearing character.

Rating: 4 stars

About Jennifer Bogart
(from her Amazon Author page)

Reader, writer, mom and child advocate - not necessarily in this order. Jennifer Bogart claims to be a selfish writer - her books are written for her, but definitely not about her. Jennifer's goal is to entertain and maybe make the reader think, just a bit, about his or her place in the world.

Jennifer started her writing career as a technical writer and then branched into copywriting. After a brief sabbatical from the working world, she has returned to writing full-time. Other interests include being involved in volunteer programs in the local community.

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