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Cry Me A River by Devyn Dawson (4 stars)

About Cry Me A River

This book is intended for 17+ due to language, sexual situations, and drug references 

Caide thought he had a handle on his life...until he realized he doesn't.

He's 23, a professional chef, has his own TV show, a house at the beach, and a beautiful daughter; who can ask for more? That was his question until his ex-girlfriend (and mother to his child) dies from an accidental overdose. Caide is thrust into the courts and they order him to go to Al Anon meetings and parenting classes.

He has a foul mouth and bad attitude about being forced to go to a support group when he doesn't have a problem. He has a few drinks before he goes to Al Anon and comes face to face with River Murphy, the pretty group leader. She seems all together and doesn't fall for his gritty attitude like other girls do. One night, he finds her after being roofied in a bar, he takes her home to make sure she's okay. The next thing they know, River's life is being turned upside down and she doesn't know why. Caide steps in and the two find themselves in the middle of trying to repair their broken hearts.
It's hard enough to lose the mother of your child, especially to a drug overdose, but now Caide might also lose his daughter. And he is done with losses. When the court orders him to attend Al Anon and parenting classes, he is not happy but he will do anything to get his daughter back.
River Murphy has her own reasons for being a group leader for Al Anon, and she doesn't appreciate Caide showing up to his first meeting after a few drinks. But Caide grows on her, especially after he saves her from a bad situation in a bar. Then, someone starts threatening her. Caide can't stand by and watch, especially when he starts developing feelings for her. Can they both take a chance in the game of love? Can Caide focus on anything besides winning back his daughter?
What I loved about this book--Devyn Dawson does not shy away from gritty material, foul language, and raw emotions. Oh, and it's steamy. It was refreshing to read a romance novel that wasn't just about sex--there are some real adult conflicts going on. How nice to have a sexy (did I mention steamy?!) novel with a real storyline and not just guy digs girl, guy lands girl theme. It's not for the faint of heart, but neither is life.
Rating: 4 stars
About the Author
Devyn Dawson is the author of the best selling series; The Light Tamer Trilogy, The Legacy of Kilkenny Series, and new adult book Sapphire, A Werewolf Love Story. Her career has included working for Fortune 500 companies, grave decorating, and accounting. She enjoys spending her spare time riding on the back of her husband's motorcycle to the beautiful North Carolina beaches, or cuddling her new granddaughters.

Devyn lives in New Bern, North Carolina (about 2 miles from Nicholas Sparks)with her husband of twenty years, two cats, three dogs, and two cockatiels (3 of her pets are named after vampires, Klaus, Bella, and LeStat).

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Cry Me a River

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