Friday, November 1, 2013

Mystic ~ Coralie by Jo Michaels (5 stars)

About Mystic ~ Coralie
(from GoodReads)

Coralie Meyers is struggling to find her footing as an actress in New York. A malicious attempt to thwart another girl's career ends in catastrophe and Coralie soon finds herself in a precarious situation.

As the fifth and final member of Women Save the World, a company created by Markaza Turner, Coralie possesses all the cunning the young ladies will need to defeat the evil that's rising under Central Park. If the women fail to save her, evil will rise and destroy the world.

Now that Markaza has gathered four of her chicks: Bronya, Lily, Shelia, and Melody, all that's left to do is bring in Coralie, train her, and go to war. But the ladies are struggling with their powers and their personal demons. Will they find the power within themselves in time to destroy the monster and save the world? Only time will tell; and that's one thing they're short on.

This fifth installment of the Mystic series is a lesson in what lies, hate, and judgment can do to the world when left unchecked.


Markaza Turner is gathering special women to defeat an evil she has foreseen. These ladies of Women Save the World are all an integral part of her plans. The newest find is Coralie Meyers. But when the other girls find her, while Markaza is on another recruiting expedition, she is in bad shape. They aren't even sure she'll make it, and they can't move forward without her.

Coralie Meyers was on top of the world--living the dreams that most actresses only wish for. She was on the cusp of making it big, but a few poor choices left her with fewer options. Sometimes death seems like an easier option than dealing with the pain and ramifications from one horrifying and devastating decision. Can the other girls convince Coralie to fight her own demons so they can fight the biggest demon of all?

Jo Michaels has a gift. She needs very few words to convey a lot of pain and allow the reader to glimpse the heart and soul of the characters. Coralie faces a decision none of us would envy, and it's clear that she is struggling. Then, there's the aftermath. What happens to her is horrible, but she starts to believe she deserves it which is even more heartbreaking. She's broken, an open wound begging for healing. Her pain, through intense and beautifully-written story, is palpable. One scene, in particular, left me with tears flowing down my face.

If you love female characters with some grit, who are broken but fighting, you will love the Mystic series. In Mystic ~ Coralie, your heart will break. But there's hope in the power of women unified. Women bound by pain and fortitude.

Rating: 5 stars

About Jo Michaels
(from Jo's Amazon Author Page)

Jo Michaels is a writer who's really had a taste of life. She's lived in Louisiana, Tennessee, and Georgia; but visited states from coast to coast. Michaels, a high-school dropout, put herself through college while her husband was deployed to Iraq and still managed to come out on the other side with all five of her children still breathing. On top of that wondrous feat, she managed to graduate Summa Cum Laude. After her fourteen year marriage ended cataclysmically, she took to the keys to fulfill her dream of becoming a writer. Using the degree she obtained in school, Jo set out with tools in her belt not many writers possess: a strong design eye, the skills necessary to format her books, and the ability to use her artistic talents to create stunning covers.

Now, Michaels writes full-time in her garage while imbibing copious amounts of coffee to keep her motor running from son up to son down (and daughter, too). Her inspiration for her books comes from relationships, life, friends, passion, and her own incredible imagination. A fight for achieving her dream (along with her super duper boyfriend) is what drags her out of bed every morning to do what she does best: spin tales laced with high-octane emotion for readers worldwide.

You can find out more about Jo on Twitter, her website, her blog, and Facebook. Also, find out more about her indie author services at Indie Books Gone Wild.

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