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I, Zombie by Jo Michaels (5 stars)

About I, Zombie
(from GoodReads)

It's the end of the world as we know it.

Trixie Collins is a normal teen making her way through high school. One night at a party, a boy comes on to her and won't take no for an answer. As she jerks her arm away, his fingernails cut into her skin.

When she finds her dog's mutilated body and realizes she's to blame, she starts to think maybe the zombie apocalypse they've been screaming about on the news isn't a hoax after all. Worse, she begins to think maybe she's one of the infected.

Now it's a fight for life as she joins together with her brethren to stop the humans intent on destroying them. Are zombies all bad, or is it just a huge misunderstanding?


Imagine waking up one morning after a typical teenage party, where one boy gets a little too fresh, and finding yourself the center of what appears to be a zombie apocalypse. Trixie Collins watches in horror at the news coverage showing friends and family attack their loved ones--people everywhere freaking out that zombies are multiplying and on the prowl.

Worse, she's exhibiting symptoms. Scared and wanting to protect her family, she and her best guy friend, who also has symptoms, take off to figure things out. Along the way, Trixie realizes she has a gift that might be able to save them all. That, and some information about what is happening.

First let me say, this is my kind of zombie book. At its heart, it's a story about humans and how we react to and treat things we don't understand. But it's also told from the zombie's perspective--a refreshing and intriguing twist. Readers get to see the emotions and turmoil of what is happening from the zombie's point of view, through their fight to survive. And what better ambassador than a teen girl who believes she can help make things right?

This book rocks! You will fall in love with Trixie and several other characters. From page one, it's a constant thrill ride. But, more importantly, it's a story with heart and soul--a great read for action-seekers as well as those who want to connect with characters. I expected to have some cringe-worthy moments and scares, but I didn't expect to cry. And I did. Hard.

Don't miss this one! Jo Michaels has yet to disappoint, but Trixie and this story really touched me (while also keeping me on the edge of my seat).

Rating: 5 stars

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About Jo Michaels
(from Jo's Amazon Author Page)

Jo Michaels is a writer who's really had a taste of life. She's lived in Louisiana, Tennessee, and Georgia; but visited states from coast to coast. Michaels, a high-school dropout, put herself through college while her husband was deployed to Iraq and still managed to come out on the other side with all five of her children still breathing. On top of that wondrous feat, she managed to graduate Summa Cum Laude. After her fourteen year marriage ended cataclysmically, she took to the keys to fulfill her dream of becoming a writer. Using the degree she obtained in school, Jo set out with tools in her belt not many writers possess: a strong design eye, the skills necessary to format her books, and the ability to use her artistic talents to create stunning covers.

Now, Michaels writes full-time in her garage while imbibing copious amounts of coffee to keep her motor running from son up to son down (and daughter, too). Her inspiration for her books comes from relationships, life, friends, passion, and her own incredible imagination. A fight for achieving her dream (along with her super duper boyfriend) is what drags her out of bed every morning to do what she does best: spin tales laced with high-octane emotion for readers worldwide.

You can find out more about Jo on Twitter, her website, her blog, and Facebook. Also, find out more about her indie author services at Indie Books Gone Wild.

Note: I received an ARC and was editor for the book. Still, a positive review was not requested or guaranteed; the opinions expressed are my own.


Jo Michaels said...

WOW! I never expected this :) But thank you SOSO much for taking the time to write a review, Tia. Hugs! WRITE ON!