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Killing Me Softly by Devyn Dawson (4 stars)

About Killing Me Softly
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When Tate was stationed at Tinker Air Force Base, he never imagined he'd meet anyone who understood him.

Holland's best friend, Andy, died six months ago, leaving her alone and friendless. Her father is bi-polar and takes six pills twice a day to keep it under control. Life is complicated and her dad is too needy for her to go out and have any fun.

One night her co-worker convinces her to go out to see this new musician, a guy in the Air Force who's amazing on the guitar.

He walked on the stage and sang a haunting song that touched her soul. From the way he held the guitar, to the way he flashed her a crooked smile, she knew she had to know him. Without warning, music will be the thing that ties their lives and their hearts together.

This story is about heartache and love. Holland finds her heart beating again in the arms of Tate. This book is a CLEAN New Adult - No Hard Core Cussing - No Sexual Scenes.

Devyn is the author of the bestselling series - The Legacy of Kilkenny and The Light Tamer Trilogy. She's an avid reader and lover of all things that go bump in the night.

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A best friend often gets us through the hardships of life and becomes like family. For Holland, that person was Andy. One senseless car accident took Andy's life, and Holland was left to face her troubles--her mother abandoned her and her father is bi-polar--alone.

Tate is stationed at Tinker Air Force Base and sings in bars at night, but he's so much more than that; he has a plan. Holland's drawn to him, but her father has expressly forbidden her to become involved with anyone in the military. As she struggles to keep Tate's affiliation from her dad, he declines deeper into his disease. Can she find a way to have her own life and take care of her father?

Poor Holland. She's been through so much. Unlike most young people her age, she can't focus on her dreams and wishes because of her ailing father. Then, she also loses her best friend. Her interactions with her father broke my heart (as did her sense of loss over losing her best friend). Some days, he'd be okay and she'd revel in the normalcy. Without warning, he would take a drastic turn and be harmful to himself and often others. 

Tate wants to follow his dreams before some family promises come into play. When he and Holland get a chance to sing together, magic happens. Unfortunately, Holland's dad is getting worse and ultimately takes matters into his own hands. It's an emotional roller coaster ride until the very end.

Killing Me Softly is so much more than a sweet romance, although it's certainly that; it will capture your heart and take you on an emotional journey. Plus, I love that Devyn Dawson takes on such meaty subjects and still remains clean. I find her characters are very real, both in their desires and their heartache. 

Rating: 4 stars


I've thought of myself as a writer for as long as I can remember.  I played grown-up with my family, until everyone grew up and left me to figure out what I really wanted to be.  Jumping over the cliff, I took a leap of faith and wrote my first full length novel, The Legacy of Kilkenny.  My love of young adult books, helped mold me into the writer I am today.  The books I write, reflect the types of books I enjoy reading.  Every story I write will have a huge twist at the end, one that often leaves the reader in shock (no pun intended, if you know me, you know why I say that, LOL).  Thank you for considering to read my books.  Happy reading!

Note: I received a copy for review purposes. A positive review was not requested or guaranteed; the opinions expressed are my own.


Devyn said...

Thank you Tia! I'm happy you enjoyed the story, it was a roller coaster for sure! Thank you for hosting me on your blog - you're pretty amazing!