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Matriarch by Shauna Kelley (5 stars)

About Matriarch
Vetala Chronicles, Book 2
(from Goodreads)

Lenora Scheid finally seemed to have built a life for herself. After more than a century of traveling the earth to visit scenes of the dead and dying, life was finally beginning… 

At long last, she discovered that she was Vetala, a member of a secret race of not-exactly-vampires but not-quite humans. She saved Michael, her naliyah and soul mate, from her father, a man bent on the destruction of humanity. She reunited with her mother, a woman she hadn't seen in more than a century. 

But Lenora’s idyllic peace lasts only a moment as she realizes that her time with Michael has left him fighting for his life. To save him, she must square off against her father and the Matriarch, an ancient organizations that rules over her kind. The quest to save Michael seems to uncover more secrets than answers. 

With her mother and some new friends by her side, Lenora learns more about what it means to be Vetala, and what it is going to take to save her family, and humanity, from the man who raised her. 


Poor Lenora. After everything she went through in book one (see link to my review below), her life only gets more complicated. She must determine who to trust, and nothing is simple. Even her love for Michael, her naliyah and soul mate.

In a race to save Michael's life, she must travel the world and ultimately face her father. Just as important, she must figure out who's telling the truth... or at least, which truth will save them.

LOVE this book. Too many times, a second book is filler in a series, or worse, a letdown. This is neither. Instead, it's a fast-paced, series-building, didn't-see-it-coming adventure. But it's not just action. There's a lot of emotion and mind-play. Lenora is torn in so many directions, especially with Michael. During one highly emotional scene between the two loves, I cried from the raw intensity of it. 

Most of all, I love Lenora as a character. She's determined, yet has a huge heart. Sometimes the heroine is strong until it comes to a relationship, and then she's a big pile of goo. Not Lenora. She loves intensely, but she's not going to do it one-sided. And I adore that about her.

Plus, this series is a truly unique paranormal story with a memorable character you'll love to root for. I highly recommend!

Rating: 5 stars

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About the Author
(from Amazon Author Central)

Shauna Kelley lives near Baltimore, Maryland with her husband and beloved mutts. Dedicated aunt, adventurous baker, and action movie fanatic, she spends her days writing, teaching, and crocheting.

Kelley's first novel, Max and Menna, was a ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award finalist for Young Adult Fiction in 2010. Naliyah is her third novel.

Kelley delights in the opportunity to interact with readers. Find her online at her blog or on Facebook.

Note: I was a beta reader for this novel (lucky me!). A positive review was not requested or guaranteed; the opinions expressed are my own.