Monday, October 24, 2016

Reckless by Kelly Martin (5 stars)

About Reckless

Not that anyone will ever know. 
Not that they’ll remember. 
But I know. 
I remember. 
That’s my curse. 
I don’t agree with how he did it. 
I wish it had been me that died. Lord knows we would’ve all 
been safer if I’d been the one instead of Hart. 
But he couldn’t let that happen. 
He couldn’t live with it. 
How am I supposed to live with it? 
The pain. 
The remorse. 
The pressing feeling that something inside me that I can’t 
control is still there… dormant but not dead. Ready to pounce. 
Ready to kill again. 
Hart saved the world, that’s true. 
But he couldn’t save me 

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Fate has drawn Hart and Gracen together through the most bizarre and upsetting circumstances--he's a demon, and she's the Abomination. Can they find a way to save the world and have something left for themselves?

I'm so sad to see this series end. Not only will I miss the amazing characters, I'll miss the unique and compelling storyline. No matter how dire the situation seems for Gracen and Hart, there's always a twist I never see coming. 

But what I've loved the most through each book is the detailed inner struggle of both Hart and Gracen, and Reckless continues this intense introspection. And I couldn't wait to see how Kelly Martin would bring this epic tale to a conclusion. I'm excited to say it doesn't disappoint, even though I never could have guessed it.

I highly recommend this series!!
Rating: 5 stars

I love this series. Check out my reviews of books 1 and 2: Heartless (#1), Soulless (#2), and Breathless (#3).

About the Author

Kelly Martin is the bestselling author of contemporary, historical, and YA romance. She has been married for over ten years and has three rowdy, angelic daughters. When Kelly isn't writing, she loves watching horror gamers on YouTube, even though she is a huge wimp, and drinking white chocolate mochas.

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