Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Power of Blog

First of all, I had no clue how many people were reading this blog. Thank you, thank you very much. You like me, you really like me. ;-)

I knew very well the power of the written word, but didn't know my musings on here would get passed around and distorted. The proof of what I said is here, so it's not the best thing to try and use it against me.

It gives me this awesome sense of power... woo haa haa haa (okay, not good at illustrating an evil laugh in letters alone). To think I could put ANYTHING on here and it could move forward. For instance, I could finally get it off my chest how much I hate unicorns, rainbows and puppies. Puppies pee on everything in sight... what they don't pee on, they chew up. Rainbows are nothing but an apology for a nasty rainstorm, and unicorns are simply ridiculous. A horse with wings I appreciate... a horn, no.

I guess anyone that reads this didn't bother to go see Shutter Island or read Shanghai Girls. I should charge businesses to have me put a good word out about their products. If so, may I start by saying that I haven't formulated fully my opinion on chocolate, so anybody who'd like to send me their brand so I can put an opinion on here... feel free. Same goes for wine.

One thing I've definitely learned - I shouldn't let my girls read this. Kids simply don't understand sarcasm. I'll never forget the time Jackie was boo-hooing and cutting up and exasperated, I looked at her and said "Like that's going to work". She said, "It is." No, no it's not, but she was confused.

Part of the growing up process is learning to embrace honesty and not play games. I'm thankful for the friends and family in my life who know this is true and have relationships accordingly.


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I've been there. Annoying, but the best advice is to ignore it.