Monday, August 15, 2011

Releasing Gillian's Wolves, by Tara Woolpy (4 stars)

The quickest way to my heart as a reader . . . a strong, yet flawed, female character(s). My last two 5 star books have had this, see Call Me When You Land and Max and Menna (although this had equal parts strong female and male).

Releasing Gillian's Wolves featured Gillian, a very strong female in a more understated way. She fights for her family but discovers a way to fight for herself.

An excerpt from my review, the full review can be found at Rebecca's Reads:

What could be bad about a novel that starts with a “Survive Anything Double-Chocolate Brownies” recipe? Survive anything is the motto for Gillian Sach, longtime wife of Congressman Jack Sach. The love is gone, aided by Jack’s constant philandering. For thirty years, Gillian turned the other way for her children but she’s fed up. She wants freedom; “we can’t always be defined by the mistakes of our youth, even if we’re stuck with the consequences.”
I highly recommend this book to readers who love a strong female voice and a book centered around the bad guy getting his due.
What's your favorite read with a strong female character?