Monday, October 31, 2011

Reading, More Then or Now: Musing Mondays

Another Monday, another Should be Reading Monday Musings prompt:

Would you say that you read about the same amount now as when you were younger? More? Less? Why??

I've always been an avid reader, more than willing to lose myself to imagination and live someone else's story. I moved a lot as a kid, never living in one place more than 3 years, so the characters within my favorite books were my safety net... my friends. It sounds sad, but I don't remember feeling sad. Sure, I wanted more social interaction, but sometimes the real thing was disappointing. Characters rarely were. It also helped to see my mother constantly reading. I now understand it was her escape from loneliness, too, but it's still a love we share.

Relative to my free time, I read more now. I rarely watch a TV show. If I have a moment for myself, I'm either writing or reading. I appreciate a good book so much more now. It's a shame I read the classics as a young person, often forced upon me by a teacher. Nothing ruins a book more than being forced to write a report and knowing you have to slant your thoughts to get an A. One of these days, when I can find more of that elusive Time, I'm going to start rereading classics.

Since becoming a published author, I'm more empathetic to the plights of writers. It makes me a kinder reader. I was definitely pickier as a young person. Now, I find reviewing books I don't like very challenging.

How about you... do you read more now or when you were younger? How has your reading perspective changed?


Sheena said...

I don't watch much TV either, books are my escape! I was also the same as my favorite characters being my friends as well :)
Here's mine:

caite said...

I do agree that the classics are probably wasted on teenagers. I would appreciate them more now.
so many little time!

Anyes said...

How I miss the time I would be lost in a book for days at a time. I kept on reading until the book was over.
Nowadays I barely have time to scratch my head ;-)
I have to agree with you the classics are more enjoyable now

Tia Bach said...

Anyes, I also miss getting lost for days in a book! I hate the days on end when I can't fit in time to read.

Caite, Classics should be appreciated, not forced. ;-)

Sheena, Going over to check yours out now.

Thanks so much for your comments and for stopping by!

bookworm said...

I read for hours and hours as a child. The thicker the book, the better. Now? Just don't seem to have the attention span. And, sad to say, a certain online game is a big distraction for me.

Danica Page said...

I agree. It is definitely hard writing a bad review, now that I understand the writing process more and am a little older.

The Character Connection said...

I can understand your sentiments of having the characters feel like friends. I still feel that way about Laura Ingalls Wilder from the "Little House" series. I feel like she was my childhood friend.

The Plot Thickens said...

I agree - nothing's worse than being forced to read a book you don't want to read. There are too many good books out there waiting for you.

Tia Bach said...

Thanks everyone for commenting and stopping by. I think this prompt hit home for many of us. Happy reading. Hope Time cooperates!