Friday, December 19, 2014

The Frivolity Fairies: A Christmas Short Story by Jo Michaels (5 stars)

About The Frivolity Fairies
(from Goodreads)

It's Christmas Eve, 2014, and thirteen-year-old Shirley is listening to the same bedtime story she's heard every year.

This year, she comes face to face with the frivolity fairies from the tale; naughty, careless creatures who cause mischief with no regard to morality.

In a tale of Christmas spirit, magic, and happy endings, find out what happens when one little girl sets out to make things right.

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Okay, can I just skip summarizing the book and just tell you everything I loved about it?

First, I love the cover. So gorgeous. Definitely judge this book by its cover, because...

It's such a sweet and empowering tale. Jo Michaels packs a lot of punch in few words, managing to create a memorable character and story line in a novella format. It's for all the dreamers out there; for all of us who sat on the edge of our seat as our mothers told us tales, and then wondered if they could be real. And the holidays are the perfect time to connect with this story, although it can be enjoyed any time.

I don't want to give away too much, but imagine a beautiful world with majestic creatures. Now, imagine you can go there, but you can't go home. It's amazing how quickly beauty can turn to horror and sadness when choice is taken away.

Not to worry, though, because this one has a happy ending. Plus, it's free! Yes, you heard right. It's a nice introduction to the amazing writing of Jo Michaels. 

Rating: 5 stars

About Jo Michaels
(from Jo's Amazon Author Page)
Jo Michaels is a writer who's really had a taste of life. She's lived in Louisiana, Tennessee, and Georgia; but visited states from coast to coast. Michaels, a high-school dropout, put herself through college while her husband was deployed to Iraq and still managed to come out on the other side with all five of her children still breathing. On top of that wondrous feat, she managed to graduate Summa Cum Laude. After her fourteen year marriage ended cataclysmically, she took to the keys to fulfill her dream of becoming a writer. Using the degree she obtained in school, Jo set out with tools in her belt not many writers possess: a strong design eye, the skills necessary to format her books, and the ability to use her artistic talents to create stunning covers.

Now, Michaels writes full-time in her garage while imbibing copious amounts of coffee to keep her motor running from son up to son down (and daughter, too). Her inspiration for her books comes from relationships, life, friends, passion, and her own incredible imagination. A fight for achieving her dream (along with her super duper boyfriend) is what drags her out of bed every morning to do what she does best: spin tales laced with high-octane emotion for readers worldwide.

You can find out more about Jo on Twitterher websiteher blog, andFacebook. Also, find out more about her indie author services at Indie Books Gone Wild.