Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ringing in the New Year Celebrating Books

2013 was a stellar year for awesome books! I read 100 this year, and my goal is the same (if not more) for 2014.

As we begin a new year, I wanted to share all my 4.5-star and higher rated books from 2013. I'm looking forward to even more great books this year. (click the title to see the full review)

4.5 star

Foreplay, Sophie Jordan
Maggie's Turn, Deanna Lynn Sletten
Finding It, Cora Carmack
Supernova, Elizabeth Sharp
The Hourglass, Sharon Struth
Trusting You, LP Dover
Strength, Carrie Butler
Sisters in Bloom, Melissa Foster
Mystic ~ Melody, Jo Michaels
The Curse Giver, Dora Machado
For Everly, Raine Thomas
The Enchanted, Elaine Cantrell
Sisters in Love, Melissa Foster
Chocolate Fondue, Martha Reynolds
Lion's Head Deception, Chuck Waldron
Marked for Vengeance, SJ Pierce
After Tuesday (These Days #1), Renee Ericson
The Hunter, Monica McCarty
The Beloved Daughter, Alana Terry
The Faerie Prince, Rachel Morgan
The Keeper of Secrets, Julie Thomas
Cooper Moon: The Calling, Cheryl Shireman
Assured Destruction, Michael F. Stewart
The Long Way Home, Mariah Stewart
Traces of Kara, Melissa Foster
Primal, DA Serra

4.75 Stars

Winter Garden, Kristin Hannah

5 Stars

Bittersweet Chocolate, Martha Reynolds
Someone Else's Love Story, Joshilyn Jackson
Warrior Beautiful, Wendy Knight
Blood Draw, Melissa Luznicky Garrett
Mystic ~ Coralie, Jo Michaels
The Faerie War, Rachel Morgan
Courage, Carrie Butler
Borrowed Things, Doris Schneider

Yassa, Jo Michaels
The Disappearing Girl, Heather Topham Wood
The Day After Yesterday, Kelly Cozy
Manuscript Found in Accra, Paulo Coelho
Dark Genesis, Dave Ferraro
Wondertown, Mac Fellows


Rachel Morgan, Melissa Foster, Martha Reynolds, and Jo Michaels (all seen above) made the list more than once. Melissa Foster and Jo Michaels both made the list three times. Few things make me happier than having some go-to authors.

In the last two weeks of December, I read several books that will be officially reviewed over the next two weeks. A couple were 5-star reads. Look for appearances again by Melissa Foster and Jo Michaels (both 5-star reviews) and a new favorite... Juliana Haygert.

Here's to reading in 2014!